Daisy Dogs at Manor Nursery

Stuart Lyall AdipCBM, TCBTS (full member)
Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist  

Our services include:-
General and advanced Obedience Training - Scent Work for Dogs

We employ modern training techniques based on positive reinforcement. - Our emphasis of 'minimum force' training results in a calmer, happier and more co-operative animal.

One-to-one training sessions: Are held at Manor Nursery dog training facilities.

A session normally lasts for something over an hour and is usually all that is required by owners wishing to teach their dogs the basic life skills, plus maybe a few extras. 
Covering basic obedience or general problems such as: poor recall; lead walking; general over-excitement and disobedience, etc, or developing more advanced skills such as nose work, (Scent Games).
Please email for prices.

Please remember there can be no more guarantees with animal behaviour then with that of a human. 

 For further enquiries please email to: daisydogs@btinternet.com

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